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Winter Sports for Your Dog by Margaret H. Bonham

Get away from that fireplace! Put down that cup of cocoa! Winter sports abound, whether you hear the call of the wild or would just like a taste of some fun things to do with your dog. Try sledding. No, … Continue reading

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Pets Feel Pain Too

Have you ever suffered from a toothache? Could you ignore that dull, throbbing ache? Could you sleep well? Eat well? Probably not. The fact is pets feel pain just like we do, but they can’t tell you where it hurts. … Continue reading

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Winter Bugs

Where do you think fleas flee for winter vacation? The amazing news is that they don’t go anywhere – they can stay on your pets year-round! And, surprisingly, cats are most likely to carry fleas. In a recent flea-combing survey … Continue reading

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Winter Flea Facts

One in seven dogs have fleas in winter. One in three cats suffer from fleas in winter. In a study in over 47 states, veterinarians reported that 30% of cats and 16% of dogs had fleas in December; 28% of … Continue reading

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