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Surgical Services

Fairview Heights Animal Clinic is very proud of our surgery facilities and the care we take in making sure your pets have the best possible recovery.

Some of the procedures routinely done in our surgery facilities include:

Spays and Neuters

Spaying and Neutering are offered to prevent unwanted puppies and kittens as well as to reduce the risk to a number of health issues. Declawing of cats is also offered to prevent cats from destroying furniture and eventually being removed from the house either by making them an outside cat or taking them to the Humane Society.

Soft tissue procedures

In the event your pet needs surgery to remove a lump or a mass or even surgery on the organs of the abdomen or chest, we offer our expertise in helping you resolve these problems.

Orthopedic procedures

Broken bones and torn ligaments can occur in our pets as well. There are many options in treating these types of problems and we offer our expertise in helping you resolve these problems.

NO Ear Cropping


Dental Cleaning

Dental care in our pets is one of the few things we as pet owners can do to greatly impact our pet’s lives. Routine dental cleaning can increase the average pet’s life by 15% – 25%.


In the event your pet needs help having puppies or kittens, we can perform a cesarean section to help save the life of the puppies or kittens as well as the mother.

Call and make an appointment to see how the staff at Fairview Heights Animal Clinic and the Animal Hospital of O’Fallon can better serve you and your pet.