Winter Bugs

Where do you think fleas flee for winter vacation? The amazing news is that they don’t go anywhere – they can stay on your pets year-round! And, surprisingly, cats are most likely to carry fleas.

In a recent flea-combing survey of over 100,000 pets to detect these stubborn, elusive little fleas, veterinarians found that one in seven dogs, and one ouf of every three cats carry fleas in the winter! For example, in New York cats, the flea incidence was over 20%. Other northern locations with similar flea-infestation results wre Colorado, Illinois, and Ohio. Warm winter homes and cozy fur provide perfect hiding places for fleas.

Your veterinarian and staff know how to search for evidence of fleas – remember, they do hide! In most cases, year-round protection is best. Talk to your vet about flea busting products like Frontline and Frontline Plus, Aside from being down right annoying, flease are not healthy for pets or for people. You can beat the flea bug.

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