Winter Sports for Your Dog by Margaret H. Bonham

Get away from that fireplace! Put down that cup of cocoa! Winter sports abound, whether you hear the call of the wild or would just like a taste of some fun things to do with your dog.

Try sledding. No, not talking running thousands of miles across the frozen tundra. If you have one to three dogs over 35 pounds, you can try hooking up a team for racing around the frozen trails around home. Lightweight kicksleds and sprint sleds work well for small teams. If you feel adventurous, you might even try racing your team – but don’t worry. Sprint races usually run one mile per dog. Check out:

If you’re a skier, try skijoring, where your dog pulls you on skis. Skijoring requires minimal equipment: a harnass for you and the dog, a towline, and of course, ski equipment for you. Check out:

Does your dog drag you around? Try weightpulling where your dog pulls a heavy load over a short distance. This sport is great for the tiniest toy dog all the way to the giant breed with five weight divisions.

You can have great fun with these wintertime sports. You can also check out other sports in my book, The Simple Guide to Getting Active with Your Dog (TFH: 2002), available at bookstores, on, and on my site Check out my website for a list of suppliers.

Other websites to check out:

  • International Sled Dog Racing Association (ISDRA) –
  • International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS) –

Margaret H. Bonham is an award-winning author of eight books including, “The Complete Guide to Mutts’ (Howell, February 2004), The Simple Guide to Getting Active with Your Dog, and Northern Breeds (Barrons, 2002) available in better bookstores everywhere.

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